Dim sum and terrapin (sui yee) soup : Jalan Dato’ Kramat

We overheard about this place from other people’s conversation. They mentioned the dim sum place behind Federal Theatre. Of course, Federal Theatre is no longer a cinema but some massage parlor or cafe. This old and humble dim sum place is nested in the flats behind the Federal, along Jalan Samak. (yeah, same name as the Thai PM whom they are trying to get rid off)

terrapin soup

We went to the place on a cold, rainy morning and what better food to keep us warm than dongguai terrapin? A claypot costs RM12 and is enough for two person. The soup is clear, with a hint of donggua and is served with lots of young ginger and coriander leaves.


I believe the little tortoise is call a terrapin or ‘pik’ in Hokkien. It is one of those river terrapin which is reared as food. It is kinda cruel to whack dead a dumb terrapin for its jelly like skin and meat, isn’t it? They didn’t label a dumb person who is easily taken advantage off as a ‘sui yee’ for nothing.


The terrapin has outer skin which is jelly like and the inner meat which is a bit like pork. The stall sells white rice with the soup. Beside this terrapin, they also have paddy chicken or frog or ‘theen kai’. The chillie sauce they gave for dipping tastes very hot and sweetish.


The coffee shop name is Tuck Sai and it is just a little hidden coffeeshop at the ground floor of one of the flats behind the Federal Theatre.

hongkong chee cheong fun

The main attraction is the dim sum but I will go for the soup because the dim sum is so-so, as can be expected from the economical cheap dim sum. The above is the Hongkong chee cheong fun. I just looked at my old post and noticed that I just ate HK chee cheong fun last week.

dim sum

Part of the dim sum we ordered. There were just two of us so we cannot order much as the pot of soup is rather filling.

Check out the place the next time you wish to eat soup like frog soup or terrapin soup.

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    (May 11, 2009 - 4:32 pm)

    If u look at that closed stall, it serves good chicken meat noodle at night, closed on sundays and mondays. Its very special and you can’t any other stall like it. Try it!

    Kyle Griffin

    (June 11, 2010 - 2:08 am)

    I really love to eat lots of different kinds of soup specially vegetable based soups.,”~

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