Dessert – Ee nya kueh

Have you seen this before? It tastes great. Made of rice flour and alkaline water. The green one is made with pandan leaves and the yellow one is the natural colour left by the alkaline water. It is something like the yellow dumpling, called karn sui chung/kee chang. The gula melaka syrup cooked with coconut milk makes this a heavenly dessert.

And yes, the same warning goes to pregnant/mensurating women. It can cause bleeding, stay away.

Alkaline water is called air abu in Bahasa, kee chui in Hokkien. It is supposed to be made from the ashes of the durian skin, I think. Alkaline water is used in making kueh talam too. It gives the ‘springy’ texture to the different types of kueh, the ‘doing-doing-doing’ factor.

Where to find this? There aren’t many places that sells this. Can be found at Swatow Lane afternoon tea hawker streeet, in some wetmarkets, Union Street, to name a few places.

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