Curry Mee

Previously, I have a hang-up on taking photos of food with pork contents because I do not use the photos on my MalaysiaBest blog. So, I just realised that I do not have much photos to share at all! I must make an effort to take more photos from now on. Which is not difficult, of course. 🙂


I think three best stuffs in curry mee in order of taste are:

1) the prawns – it has to be crunchy and sweet, huge preferbably

2) cockles – let it be very raw. I am lucky that no one in my family eats cockles so I always get their shares, in exchange for the taupok which I gladly give away. I had taken my Hepatitis B jab so I hope I won’t get any harm from those cockles.

3) Pigs blood – Who can resist those squarish blob of blood that taste so good when it comes piping hot with a nice bowl of curry soup?

I am going to snap every type of curry mee I can find in Penang soon. We have many types here, with lots of coconut milk, with watery coconut milk, with DIY bowl of chili oil, added chicken curry pieces etc etc. Just wait till my vegetarian diet is over. (which is another 10 more days only).

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3 thoughts on “Curry Mee


    (March 30, 2006 - 2:58 am)



    (March 31, 2006 - 2:08 am)

    can you send this deliciou……… curry mee to me in Canada…..I miss this dish soooooo much…. lah, cepat-cepat..(drooling 流口水)


    (April 3, 2006 - 9:19 am)

    I miss pig’s blood and cockles!! OMG. I think they are no longer available in Singapore. Stumbled upon your blog and found all these scrumptious food that I miss so much! I almost wanted to book a flight back to Singapore just to have these 🙂

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