Crispy or-chien at Beach Street gubak koay teow

We had breakfast at the Penang Beach Street Beef Koay Teow coffee shop across the Bomba station two days ago. Funnily enough, we haven’t notice this or-chien or oyster omelette uncle before in our previous visits.


Though it was quite early, around 11 am and we really were not in the mood to have greasy or-chien, we ordered nevertheless because that’s what food bloggers do. I cannot be blogging about the gubak koay teow again since I had one so. So, or-chien will be my topic.


At first, I was like OMG, the flour and egg are swimming in oil! The uncle was scooping out the oil back into the container. I was wondering, “Why lah uncle you put so much oil and now, you have to susah-susah scoop them out again? Aiyor!”


But when the oyster omelette was delivered to us, I know why. This or-chien is like no others because the tapioca flour is fried till very, very crispy. The egg part is in the middle and the oysters flavoured with some spices (I think it is ketumbar) are piled on the top.


The oysters are rather small but the crispy tapioca flour made up for that. It is rather nice to chew on crispy batter mixed with the lemak oysters and egg part. Try it, it is worth a visit to the gubak koay teow shop. Also try their sweet bun toast. I never tried before because each time I go, I was too full. But they advertise it on their wall like it is their speciality.

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2 thoughts on “Crispy or-chien at Beach Street gubak koay teow


    (January 12, 2010 - 11:41 am)

    I prefer this crispier or-chien and less oily. The spices on the or-chien is special and is not too spicy and full of aroma.


    (January 29, 2010 - 3:07 pm)

    Welcome Back.

    Orh Chien looks wicked. Do you have the opening hours? Last time I went to Bomba at 5pm, only the beef ktt stall was open. thanks

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