Chinese Pasembur (Cheh-Hu)

A not so appetising photo of the Chinese version of pasembur. It is suppose to come with cucumber, turnips, potatoes and soya bean cake (taukua) but since I hate these, they are not included. What can be seen are the jelly fish and two types of fritters only. One is the crispy fritters and the other the short, fat ones.

Compare to the Indian Muslims pasembur, Chinese pasembur is considered very mild and boring. Only a few stalls sell Chinese pasembur because I think it is not easy to get the sauce to taste just right. The sauce is sweetish and sourish with lots of sesame seeds and grounded peanuts.

The Chinese pasembur is called cheh-hu in Hokkien which means green/raw fish.

So far, the only two places with good Chinese pasembur is the one in Batu Lancang wet market and the hawker stall in Sunshine Farlim. The above cost RM2.50 per plate. I really wish the Chinese will be more innovative and allow the patrons to add all sorts of ingredients like those Indian Muslims stall. Things like squids, cuttlefish, egg and prawn fritters would be yummy.

Indian pasembur featured earlier.

There are so many things that I have yet to show like the sotong kangkung (joo hoo eng chai), asam laksa, chee cheong fun, leng chee kang, Hokkien Mee, Mee Udang (from Teluk Kumbar)….Never mind, I have 365 days to do that. Let me know what’s your favourite and I eat on your behalf, ok?

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