Chee Cheong Fun – Penang style

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Have you all heard this childish song? :
Ah Cheong Suk was a cut-throat hawker
Chee cheong fun oi, chee cheong fun

My school teacher taught us this song. Not sure why got this chee cheong fun song. I love chee cheong fun anyway. But I hate rojak though they have almost the same sauce. The reason I hate rojak is because I am so used to eating soft, warm chee cheong fun with the heh-ko and therefore, found eating fruits a little weird.

Chee cheong fun varied from state to state and also countries. In Penang, we have these thin layer of rice flour steamed and then rolled up. A sticky, smelly sauce of heh-ko or prawn paste is poured on it and added with some chili paste and sesame seeds. Usually, some fried onions are sprinkled on it too.

Whilst in Teluk Intan and Ipoh, they use the same flour rolls but instead of using the sticky heh-ko, they use some soya sauce. And in Hong Kong (also available as dim sum in Malaysia), they put some prawns and some char siew (bbq meat) in between the layers of flour.

The best chee cheong fun that I like is from New Lane, available at night. It is the stretch of hawkers near Sunway Hotel. The stall operated by one midget woman is the saltier version (nicer) and another one, the sweeter version.

It’s sauce is the stinkiest thing on earth and if you are not careful and has some dropped on your hands, nothing can wash away the smell! Stinky but nice.

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