Street foods, only in Penang

Once in a while, my family and I brave the crowd, traffic, grime, grease, exhaust fumes, vrooming vehicles and long wait to have some foods from Chulia Street hawkers. I have blogged about the place the other day. Today, I found a stall selling deep fried stuffs like wu-kok or deep fried yam fritter filled […]

Chulia Street night hawkers

Chulia Street is one of the main roads in Penang. It connects Penang Road, which is the town area to the jetty and heritage zone. So, traffic is usually very heavy. There are lots of backpacker motels along Chulia Street and hence, it is one of the more interesting street in Penang. At night, a […]

Penang Street Foods video by AlJazeera

I found this lovely video on Penang Street Foods by AlJazeera posted on Youtube and wish to share with readers. It shows what Penang is all about. The simple life, the traditional foods, the mixed cultures and the laid back life around here. I hope the state remains this unique forever. This video is also […]

Video : Tanjong Tokong Curry Mee

Here is another video from Penang Street Foods. This time I captured the Tanjong Tokong curry mee seller near the Hai Choo Garden. Hai Choo Garden or Sea Pearl Garden is more famous for its crabs and prawns. However, if you have time to take a short walk around the area, you will see many […]