Mee Juta from Goodall hawker centre

This mee juta is my perennial favourite from Goodall. It is like the only place where I can get the simplest handmade noodles. There are no fanciful stuffs, just basic minced chicken and nothing more. I wonder what makes the noodle so nice? Is it because of the eggs they used to make the QQ […]

Klang dry bak kut teh in Penang

Over here in Penang, we are experiencing heavy rain in the evenings. It is really God sent because almost all the green field have turned an ugly brown and roads are getting dusty. Now, I can almost feel the grass and the trees dancing in the rain and absorbing all the rain water they can […]

Mangrove Food Court Tanjong Tokong

I have seen the signboard for a long time already but the name Mangrove just doesn’t appeal to me. I moved here for two months and am still looking for the perfect hawker centre near my area, Tanjong Bungah. Yet, I have found none to rave about. Anyway, if I have no fish, prawn also […]

Crispy or-chien at Beach Street gubak koay teow

We had breakfast at the Penang Beach Street Beef Koay Teow coffee shop across the Bomba station two days ago. Funnily enough, we haven’t notice this or-chien or oyster omelette uncle before in our previous visits. Though it was quite early, around 11 am and we really were not in the mood to have greasy […]

Hammer Bay, Malay seafood

I heard about Hammer Bay from the blog of my son’s friend, Suithong. My son usually doesn’t chat with me about things like these so I usually read his friend’s blog to find out where to eat. So, there was this one evening after our shopping at Queensbay, when we don’t feel particularly hungry and […]