The buzz at the wet market before Chinese New Year

Most of these stall owners are very friendly and they will ask you to take pictures of their stalls. They know that it may go up on the internet because some of them knows the power of the blog. I told them, “Wa eh blok, New York Times pun oo weh.” Hahaha.

Jeruk Penang (pickled fruits)

Hubby, youngest boy and I have an hour to kill because my two other sons have sports practice at SXI. So we head over to Esplanade around 5.30 pm. As it was almost dinner time, I told him about the Mee Sotong. I found a stall, ate and found that it is not as good […]

932 – Do you know what it is?

932 is the number for money. It is a hot number for the Da Ma Cai, Magnum 4-D and Sports Toto punters. During Chinese New Year, it is even hotter and usually, you cannot even bet on this number if you are too late as the gambling companies only sell a certain limit of bets. […]

Kickapoo Joyjuice – Perfect drink for Penang foods

This afternoon when I passed by the Tua Pek Kong Western Foods at Vale of Temp, a truck load of MPPP people were dismantling the famous western food stall. I haven’t been eating there for a long time because I hate the darkness, the crowds and heat. So, it is not a big loss to […]