Kang Beef House steamboat and noodles

I probably should have placed the blog post on Kang Beef House in Jelutong over on this blog. But sometimes, it is hard to categorise stuffs on my three food blogs so I added it over on my Malaysia Best recipe and food blog. So, head over for the review of Kang Beef House. It […]

Some video on some hawkers in some place in Balik Pulau

On May 1st, a group of us went to Balik Pulau. I went to this place call Jalan Baru where they have a Hokkien Mee cum Laksa stall nestled in some Chinese kampung. At that time, there was a big bunch of Gerakan has-been politicians converging there. Anyway, I am not interested in has-beens. I […]

Penang Street Foods – Part Two

Here is part two of the Penang Street Foods. This time, it is mostly local products and other scenes from Penang. This video is from AlJazeera, available on Youtube. Please follow and like us:

Feel like kicking self

I have missed one of the most beautiful sight. I feel like kicking myself for not having a camera with me to capture the flowers which Penangites term ‘sakura’. The most beautiful sight was near the Batu Lancang market, on the way to Aliran’s office. The road next to the used to be the Olympia […]

A one-to-one moments with my kids

For a mom with four kids like me, I hardly have much chances to spend time alone with only kid at a time. It is very important for parents to do that because our children need that special time-out (from their noisy brothers) to communicate. They need to establish their own identities and it is […]