Batu Lancang market : Kalipok and hua chee

This is Penang’s Hokkien pronunciation of curry puff – Kalipok. I bought these tiny curry puffs from the Batu Lancang market for 20 cents each. It is really tiny and good for one mouthful only. There are several fillings like dried shrimps sambal (sambai hairbee), bak hoo (meat floss) and peanuts. You can’t miss the […]

Hardwicke House Restaurant

This used to be Mr. Ho’s Fine Foods. Then, one of the partner left and opened Scarlet which has closed down. After that, I didn’t realise Hardwicke House is still operating. My kids and I love to hang out at Mr. Ho’s Fine Foods for lunch because they love the pasta while I like the […]

Aji-sen Ramen, Gurney Plaza Penang

Train your staffs better. Most of them are blur and unsure of things. We didn’t get the kind of welcoming and enthusiasm like other Japanese joints. We need to ask for the extra bowls for the kids, a couple of times before your waitresses remember.

2) Your music is too loud and too la-la. Hey, Mandarin la-la pop songs don’t fit in.

Pork ramen aka mee babi aka Japin noodle

This really huge bowl contains the most pork ever found in a bowl of noodle. My very skinny, scrawny thin son likes the Japin Noodle outlets. They have it in Island Plaza and Queensbay Mall Penang. (the Coffee Beans is mine cos I need coffee to perks me) Three layer pork in a very nice […]

Fettes Park Western Foods : Stuffed fish

This looks pretty easy to do but I have not attempt making it myself because I am afraid of exploding fish. LOL. It is basically, a piece of fish fillet stuffed with ham and cheese, coated with breadcrumbs and deep fried. My son loves this stuffed fish from Fettes Park Western food. It is delicious […]