Beach Street – Beef koay teow

We went to pick my son from school and head over to the ferry area with intention of going to the beef koay teow that one of this blog reader, Yu Jen, mentioned. But we ended up at another beef koay teow stall opposite the Balai Bomba in Leboh Pantai. In fact, there was an emergency and I heard the fire department siren. I stopped eating and took a video of the firemen getting ready. It takes only one minute for them to gather, wear their suits and boots and leave the fire station.


Three of us ordered one bowl of beef soup which costs RM15 and three bowl of dry koay teow, costing RM1 each.

Beef koay teow

The beef soup is not bad but I do not like the sweet taste of the soya sauce in the dried koay teow. The flavour just kill off the chilli sauce.


My way of eating beef koay teow is to pour in the chilli sauce and mix it with the dried koay teow.

Beef koay teow

Overall, it is not very expensive because there are lots of stuffs in the bowl of beef soup. There are tendon, the cow’s stomach (?), beef balls, slices of beef and various types of meats.

However, I prefer the beef koay teow in Perak Road. Still beef koay teow or gu bak koay teow is extremely nice to have during cold, rainy days like today. It is very comforting to sip the hearty soup and enjoy the various parts of the cow.

I am very bad with directions and road names. But the coffeeshop is just across the Balai Bomba. Not open on Sunday and public holidays.

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