Chai Leng Park, Prai : Asam fish and salted pork

What can lure me to go over to the mainland in Chai Leng Park, Butterworth, spending RM7 on bridge toll (we have the Smart Tag btw) and petrol just to have lunch? It is this Beng Huat Asam Fish and Chicken Rice. The only one I found worth eating. I guess this gentleman here is Beng Huat himself.

Now, does this cardboard replica looks like him? Hehehehe. Well, I had been to this little coffeeshop for several years and through the years, they had renovated and improved. From a very, hot stuffy place to an aircond coffeeshop now. Lucky the taste of the asam pedas remains as authentic.

Kembong fish asam pedas that goes well with their oily chicken rice. The chicken aren’t much to talk about but the asam pedas is truly nice. Sour, sweet and packed with belacan.

You can ask for refill of asam pedas soup. They also have kembong fishes deep fried, stewed chicken legs, loh bak, tau kua, soya sauce eggs, kiam chye boay, fish balls etc but all I need are this asam pedas and this kiam bak.

All the foods come in very small portions so you can order a little of each item to try out. I remembered eating something similar in Nam Heong Chicken Rice in Mid Valley (next to Esquire Kitchen?) but there is no one who can surpass Beng Huat asam pedas.

Location : Jalan Gaan Chai Leng, Chai Leng Park, Butterworth. Don’t ask me for location ‘cos I am not familiar with the place. Jalan Gaan Chai Leng is a row of residential houses and you can’t miss the Beng Huat sign if you watch out.

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