Gurney Plaza Ajisen Ramen

crayfish ramen

Aji-sen Ramen serves some spicy Japanese ramen.

It was around 3-4 pm so there isn’t any other people. Or is it business is not that good? Anyway, I notice they have some volcano sauce which I can order for RM1.50. The crayfish or slipper lobster ramen looks good on the menu so I tried it.

crayfish ramen

The ramen is good as it is without the need for the volcano sauce. The soup is milky with a serving of sweet and sour crayfish. Surprisingly, the crayfish is quite big and the flesh sweet. The bowl of ramen is only RM16.

Though I find Ajisen Ramen’s noodle rather nice, I still have problem with the low ceiling in the restaurant. It gives me that uncomfortable feeling, I am not sure why. Maybe it is from the unpleasant visit to Aji-Sen Ramen, Gurney Plaza, Penang.

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    (January 28, 2008 - 6:36 pm)

    this food looks very unusual for europeans 🙂 but seems delicious 🙂

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