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RedBali is the new name of Bali Bali. Bali Bali has been around for several years and initially when they first started, their foods were cheap and very good. Many of their staffs are still around so you know that it is one of those restaurants that maintain a decent food quality. However, the price is not that cheap anymore but still, it is usually crowded because of the variety of dishes they have and the large selection of seafoods.

squid tentacles

This is the squid tentacles or what Cantonese call ‘pat chow yee’. My mom used to forbid me from eating this when I was pregnant because she said the baby won’t come out at birth because the squid will suck on to the baby like a suction cup. Doh!


This is their signature dish of tofu with dried shrimps. We order this on every trip. The tofu is their own handmade one.

sweet and sour crabs

The sweet and sour crabs. The crab is fine but the sweet and sour dish lack something. My own home-cooked sweet and sour gravy tastes much nicer.

spare ribs

Spare ribs with orange sauce. I wonder why they put those red/green thingie there because none of my kids dare to try it and kept asking me, “Can eat ah?” They look like wires to me.

rice and fish

Cat fish curry. Nice cat fish but curry has too much curry powder smell.

The total bill for the above plus rice for 5 persons is RM93. Not exactly cheap anymore. They have other interesting dishes but since my children do not eat many things, we didn’t get to try them.

RedBali is in Farlim. It is very bright and can be seen if you go to Sunshine Farlim.

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